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  1. E-MAIL: send us clear photos of the garment which would you like to sell via E-MAIL (only). Not via Facebook, Instagram.

  2. FEEDBACK: we give you feedback about garments are suitable for us to sell.

  3. APPOINTMENT: make an appointment to bring selected by us items to the store

  4. CONDITION CHECK:  garments should not have any damage, any stains, etc.

  5. PRICE: discuss the price of the garments

  6. MONTHLY SETTLEMENT: we check what is sold at the end of the each month and send you money or you can pick it up in the store. (do NOT contact us immediately if you saw your garment is sold)

  7.  STORAGE FEE: after 6 months you will be informed to take your garments back which were not sold. In case you fail to collect your garments a storage fee will be charged. After 6 month of storage garments will be donated to charity.

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